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This page is for coaches to get information that I do not want the general

public to have, such as coach contact information.

UPDATED 12/27/19 6:30pm

UPDATED 2/18/20 9:15am

UPDATED 1/2/20 7:30am


The format for rescheduling games has changed DRASTICALLY from the past. Games must be played and every effort should be made to play games AS SCHEDULED.

A coach or player not being in attendance for a game is NOT a reason for rescheduling

If you need to reschedule, the following procedures need to be followed:

1) Confirm with the opposing coach that the game cannot be played

2) Come up with time you both can agree on and fill out THIS FORM

3) I will look at the REQUEST (key word) and if I can fill it with officials I will reschedule it

4) If I cannot fill the proposed date with officials then I will give you the date I can

5) Coaches can either choose to accept or reject my date and If rejected the game is lost.

6) Coaches MAY play the game during the time they requested at their OWN expense without league officials


The WINNING team submits the score for all games:

On the official's schedule there is a game code in the column labelled ID

You will text your score to Tony Lindsey at 607-222-8462 in the following format:

The game code that is located on the officials' schedule

One space

Then team listed as away team's score*

Followed by a dash

Then team listed as home team's score*

There can be no extra spaces words or anything, an example of what your text to me should look like would be 2615050 34-42